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Best of British at the Berlin Film Festival

The world premiere of Ken Loach's The Spirit of ’45 tops a strong showing for Team GB at the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Lost British silent masterpiece rediscovered in Holland

The missing 1923 film Love, Life and Laughter, considered one of the finest British features at the time and part of the BFI Most Wanted search for 75 ‘missing’ British films, has been found at an archive in Amsterdam.

The 12 best picnics on film

‘Do you want a leg or a breast?’ As the UK celebrates National Picnic Week, we open up the hamper of film history to select 12 classic picnic scenes.

10 great British gay films

From Victim to Weekend, we remember some of the best British gay films.

10 great drag films

As our John Waters season rollicks into London, with some of Divine’s greatest moments getting the full treatment, we remember some of the best films featuring men and women in drag.

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Sight & Sound magazine

Women with a movie camera

Behind every great female-directed film is a female director. It’s time to make them iconic, says Isabel Stevens.

Film of the week: Beast is a fairytale with more than one monster

Michael Pearce's bold debut feature conjures a tantalising mix of eroticism and paranoia, as its heroine struggles with agonising doubts about her mysterious new lover, writes Philip Kemp.

The Bookshop review: a muffled look at little England’s tactful tyrannies

A late-1950s Norfolk sea town sets its face against the winds of change ushered in by Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy’s book lovers in Isabel Coixet’s too-snug adaptation of Penelope Fitzgerald’s novel, finds Michael Leader.

Taboo: Tom Hardy prowls pre-Dickensian London’s heart of darkness

Hardy’s inked-up, Welsh-inflected, half Native American sailor strides through a richly gothic gallery of rogues in the BBC’s graphic novel-inspired drama series, says Nick James.

North by Northwest archive review: pure entertainment that never puts a foot wrong

In 1959, our critic applauded Alfred Hitchcock's “unmatched ingenuity” and Cary Grant's smooth lead performance in this gleefully mischievous chase thriller that’s back in cinemas to launch the BFI’s new season of thrillers, Who Can You Trust?

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Supporting UK film

International touring programme – Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder

The story of British science-fiction film, from silent classics like A Message from Mars (1913) to Monsters (2010).

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